As retailing boom is exploding the definitive and distinguish factor is the Brand image. All the showrooms in nearly all the markets are using traditional media like Banners, Kiosks, Sunpacks, Pamphelts, newspaper ads etc. to pull customers. Since the number of mediums are limited and number of retailers is ever increasing , it is very difficult for all to make an impact or register their brand in the customers mind scape. It is getting harder for a brand to stand out of the clutter. The key to success in retailing has to be an innovative medium to reach the target audience and pulling message to drive them into your showrooms.

To help you achieve all this , we introduce a unique , socially relevant medium − PAPER BAGS .

PAPER BAGS are the latest trend in Brand and Retail marketing. Besides being eco − friendly and politically correct, they offers the luxury of being highly visible and have large message space. In short, paper bags are ideal vehicle for getting your message across in a short span of time. Paper Bags have the potential and are fast replacing banners, Kiosks, Bus shelters and various other traditional outdoor medium and can get you the same mileage as a newspaper/magazine ad at a Fraction of cost.